If you are one of those who wonder how to create a successful online business, on this page I want to help you create a blog or website in just 15 minutes.

Where do I start?

Thousands of people are interested every day to create a blog on WordPress, but since they do not have the necessary technical knowledge, they post their project, time passes, and when they realize it, they have lost the illusion for the project they wanted to carry out. : Have a blog on the Internet.

If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry. Below, you have a complete guide that will show you step by step how to create your own blog in a matter of minutes.

How much does it cost to make a blog?

The total cost to create a blog is about 10 per month, VAT included (to buy the domain and hire the hosting). All information in this guide is free.

How to create a blog or website. Free complete guide.

The guide to make a blog is divided into 4 Steps:

Step 1. Find the Best Niche for you

Choosing the right niche is the key to success. The idea of a website is to make money and in order to do so, it needs to be focused on a specific niche. Niche selection is one of the most important decisions you will make when starting your online business. It will determine how much traffic you get, how much money you make, and what types of people come into your store.

Step 2. Choose the Best Hosting Provider for you

It is essential to find the best hosting provider for your website. You will need a reliable and affordable one that can offer you the space, bandwidth, and other features you need.

Step 3. Install WordPress easy and fast with some clicks

The next step is to set up your WordPress site. This is a simple process which can take as little as five minutes if you already have a domain name and hosting service in place.

Step 4. How to Create your Website with JTools

There are many different options for designing a website, but using the JTools is one of the best options. JTools allow users to create their own websites without having to learn how to code or design.

If you see that you are not clear at any step, you can contact me on my contact page.

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