5 Different Digital Products to Sell in your Website

Selling physical products online is a great way to earn money. However, it is not the only option you have. As the world continues to move to a digital environment, you can also sell digital products to earn money. The trick is to decide what you can offer your customers.
Sell Digital Products

If you’re interested in e-commerce, selling digital products can be incredibly lucrative and rewarding. They are typically easy to distribute and there are often fewer expenses to deal with compared to traditional products.

In this post, we will start by discussing the benefits of selling digital products on your WordPress site. Then we’ll explore 5 options to help you get started. Let’s do it!

Why Sell Digital Products on Your Website?

When thinking about starting an online store with WooCommerce, most people assume that they need a physical product to sell. While this is certainly an option, this is not a must.

There are many advantages to selling digital products on your WordPress site. For starters, there are usually lower costs associated with non-physical versus physical products.

On the other hand, the process of selling digital products online is often less time-consuming and complex. For example, you can create a video or piece of graphic art without investing any money in it, then sell it based on the time and skills it took to create it.

Typically, you won’t need to worry about taxes and shipping costs, nor will you have to consider order fulfillment or distribution centers. All of these helps simplify and automate the e-commerce aspect of your business.

Another great advantage of selling digital products is that you usually only have to create the product once. You can then sell and distribute it to as many customers as possible. This can help you save time while simultaneously maximizing your profits.

5 Different Digital Products You Can Sell on Your Website

Now that we understand a little more about why selling digital products on your website is a good idea, it’s time to explore some of your options. Below are 5 digital products you can consider.

1. Online Courses

One of the most popular and effective ways to earn money online is to sell online courses. You can create a training or educational program for any skill or topic you want to teach.

On the other hand, there are platforms that you can use to create your online course content and lesson plans. So whether you’re an educator or a professional looking to sell premium content to clients, you have different e-learning tools to choose from.

For example, WordPress users can use a plugin like LearnDash or LifterLMS.

You can also use third-party platforms to sell your online course, such as Skillshare or Udemy. However, we recommend trying to sell it directly through your website when possible. This can help you project a more professional and authoritative image.

2. E-books

E-books have long been one of the most lucrative ways to make money online. They were among the first digital services to hit the world of e-commerce and continue to be even more popular today.

This digital product may require a bit more work than others. It may take you a few months to write your book. You may also need to hire an editor and proofreader. However, once your book is ready, you can make it available on your site and start earning passive income.

There are also places where you can distribute your e-books. For example, you could use a larger online marketplace like Amazon to reach a larger audience and boost your profits.

3. Membership Site

With membership services, you can sell recurring access to information and events in your industry, such as educational material, entertainment programs, webinars, and more. Additionally, you can offer premium access to your website content, either with a one-time or recurring fee.

Starting a subscription site works essentially the same way. You can use a plugin like MemberPress to make this as easy as possible.

This approach allows you to launch your membership website and focus on giving your subscribers something of value. You can put a paywall in front of exclusive content and charge subscription fees to access the ‘subscribers only’ area.

4. Digital Templates and Resources

Many businesses and professionals don’t know how to create their own branded graphics or components. Therefore, if you have skills or experience with graphic design, you could sell graphic art and creative packages from your WordPress site.

There are many different fields where your work could be useful. For example, you can sell art that is used on clothing items, such as t-shirts and hats.

Alternatively, you could work with web design agencies to help create art for use on client websites. Other popular ideas include logos, icon packs, stencils, and wallpapers.

If you’re a digital artist, another route you can take is to sell printable products. Similar to templates, your customers could enjoy the convenience of having a product immediately available with an easy file download, after they complete their purchase. Also, you can create the art project once and continually sell it to your audience.

Another digital product you can consider selling is templates. This can be especially helpful if you have graphic design or digital art skills.

Again, you can create your products once, then sell them to a wide audience. You don’t need much to get started besides the software or online tool needed to generate the template. This could be a word processor such as Microsoft Word or something more focused on the area of graphic design such as Adobe Photoshop. You can also use an online tool like Canva, which helps you create all kinds of graphics and templates with a user-friendly drag-and-drop builder.

5. Services

Another option is to sell professional services through your website. Technically, this is not a digital product. However, professional services can be an effective way to earn money online.

It is also extremely flexible. For example, this service could include consulting, web design and development, content writing, and much more.


If you are looking for a practical way to earn money online, it is important to consider selling digital products on your website. However, one of the biggest challenges is determining what to offer your audience. The answer will be based largely on your skills and experience.

In this post, we looked at 5 lucrative options for your online store. They can include online courses, digital templates and resources, e-books, and memberships. You can also sell professional services, audio and video, software and applications.

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