My Story

Joel Nicolas Tavarez Santos, I was born in the city of Nagua, María Trinidad Sánchez. My parents are José Francisco Tavares Fernández and Evangelista Santos Rosa, I have three brothers Evanny Yascarina, Jorge Luis and Abel, who is my father’s brother.

I began my studies in 1998 at the age of 5 at the Liceo Mercedes Bello. When I was 14, I entered secondary school at the same high school, finishing at the age of 18 in 2011. Later, in September of that same year, I moved to Gurabo, Santiago de los Caballeros, with the aim of starting to higher or university studies leaning towards the Graphic Design career at the UASD, in addition to studying a technician at INFOTEP specialized in the same area. After a long wait of a year, I finally got answers from INFOTEP and was able to enter the course, however, in order to meet my goals and focus hard on making the most of this opportunity, I was forced to postpone my university studies. By August 20, 2012, I was able to return with both objectives.

After several months, specifically on December 30 of that same year, I suffered a serious accident which caused me a head injury as a consequence, which triggered internal bleeding and the formation of a hematoma, which required an arduous process of recovery, a process that forced me to stop my university studies, although I managed to finish my technical course at INFOTEP to which I owe a large part of what I am, because thanks to it, I was able to acquire the knowledge base that over time allowed me to continue growing and also sparked my interest in learning more and more about the world of design and technology.

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